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Lionsgate CMS Brian James Design Director, NYC

Selected Projects

Lionsgate 360

Role: Lead UX Designer
Examples: Movie Trailer, GIF, Wireframes, Visual Design, Functional Spec

Lionsgate is an entertainment corporation known for making films such as The Hunger Games, Total Recall, and Reservoir Dogs.

Lionsgate wanted to created a content management system that could promote any of their film properties through custom iOS apps on the iPad.

As the Lead UX Designer I was tasked with validating a requirements document with stakeholders, competitive analysis, internal audit, designing and managing the designs of the entire user experience and user interface, and presenting the work to executives from Lionsgate.

I invented 3D collector cards that utilized the iPad's internal gyroscope for this project. These collectables can't be pirated as they can only be fully used on iPads.

Movie Trailer

I didn't make the movie or the movie trailer (don't be ridiculous) but it should be noted that this was a project for a Hollywood movie franchise that has generated a box office revenue of $765,409,015.


It's hard to explain what is happening here, basically if you're holding an iPad you get to see this exclusive 3D parallax image. The image could only exist on the iPad making it an exclusive to this product. If you still don't get it then don't worry you can't afford it.


Visual Design

Functional Spec