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NBA Stats Brian James Design Director, NYC

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NBA Stats

Role: Lead UX Designer
Examples: Sitemap, Wireframes, Visual Design, Functional Spec

The NBA is North America's premier men's basketball league.

NBA Stats was originally a portal only accessible by reporters and official NBA statisticians. The NBA wanted to create a more user friendly stats section within the greater NBA.com; a section that could still serve reporters but also be useable by the general public who may be less stats savvy.

As the Lead UX Designer I was in charge of pitching the initial concept to the NBA, designing and managing the designs of the entire user experience and user interface, and presenting the work to executives and staff from the NBA.

The project has been featured in multiple digital publications as well as on TV.



Throughout the wireframing process I kept putting the San Antonio Spurs in all of my comps. The NBA didn't like that because I think the Spurs are too boring for TV or something. So instead I used the Chicago Bulls but if you look close at the wireframes (lol I'm asking to look closely at a portfolio) you'll see the Bulls logo is actually a janky homemade Spurs logo. Take that NBA! The comps also feature Ray Allen Jr. I wanted to use Tim Duncan but the NBA wanted Ray Allen. A few years after making these wires Ray Allen hit a corner 3 and destroyed the Spurs chance at winning an NBA Championship that year. What does this have to do with these wireframes? I don't know these wires were made in Illustrator and I use Sketch now but a recruiter told me I needed more STUFF in my portfolio.

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