UX & Product Design
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Newsela Brian James Design Director, NYC

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Role: Director of UX and Product Design
Examples: Videos, Whiteboarding, Gifs, Design

As the Director of User Experience and Product Design, I hired and managed a team of 6 designers. The team consisted of a Senior Product Designer (managed people), Senior UX Designer (managed people), UX Designer, UX Engineer, UI Designer, and a Graphic Designer.

As a team of cross platform designers we released Newsela applications on the web, iOS, and Android, as well as a number of services that support those products. My department was also responsible for delivering designs assets to all departments within the organization including Sales, Marketing, Branding, and Customer Service.

As the Director of the design department at Newsela, I have lead the design process through multiple releases and launches of Newsela on all of current platforms.

Newsela currently serves 1.2 million teachers and 13.3 million students.



I often get asked if I know how to whiteboard as if drawing on a surface with an erasable marker is like this difficult skill (ITS SO DIFFICULT!!!). So here are 31 images of whiteboarding. I usually just delete this stuff off my camera because it just looks ridiculous sitting there between selfies and pictures of my cats. So the answer is yes, I can make a marker make boxes on a whiteboard and they'll hopefully make sense later but really you need to prototype to really know for sure and even then you'll have to user test an MVP and even then you might not be sure.