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Vettery - Candidate Search Concept Brian James Design Director, NYC

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Vettery - Candidate Search Concept

Role: UX Design Candidate
Examples: Process, Old Fashioned #1, Old Fashioned #2, Wireframes

Vettery is a hiring marketplace that allows employers and candidates to connect with each other. Unfortunately, I found Vettery through a Google Careers posting, so I guess you can't win them all. Through the interview process with Vettery I was given a simple production test where I was asked to problem solve a workflow for their users. I took an hour or so one evening to put together a few wireframes in Sketch and Invision that I was happy with. Sadly they did not move forward with my candidacy but I'm going to post the concept spec work here because I think it's decent work for a little over an hour and two Old Fashioneds. Turning a negative into a positive, or... when life gives you lemons, sometimes you've gotten skin the peel and toss it into an Old Fashioned.


My process was simple, I wanted to do a small amount of research and then spend maybe an hour on the Wireframes. Vettery actually pays candidates for the production test, which I opted out of, so that's really cool of them. So I looked at web applications such as Angel.co, Hired.com, and some ecomm sites. Then I made my first Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned #1.

This Old Fashioned was made with Old Overholt, homemade Demerara simple syrup, angostura aromatic bitters, Regans orange bitters, and the peel from a lemon and an orange. You can get this recipe at Rye in Williamsburg if it sounds good to you. I started drinking this OF and started my design work. But before we show off the design work, let's talk about Old Fashioned #2.

Old Fashioned #2.

This OF is crazy. I talk about it on my about page, which I'm sure you read and took notes on. Laphroaig 10, maple syrup, Hellfire Bitters, Apple Bitters, and an orange peel. I actually don't talk about this one on my about page, I was wrong. I'll admit it, I've been wrong before. This OF is dope and you should try it if you're into this sort of thing. Ok on to the Wireframes that took like an hour.


Just a note, I wasn't given any of these elements, so I had to design everything except the logo in like an hour. It's not a huge deal but imagine what I could do if I had like EIGHT hours?!!?